Venue Technicians

By out sourcing your technicians to PF Events, you only pay for technicians when you need them, and have the reassurance that you have access to technical staff of the highest standard.

Having the right technician can make or break an event; our staff will look after you clients and deliver slick professional events every time.

Our venue technicians are all-rounders; they are specialists in audio, lighting, AV and PowerPoint/Keynote.

PF events have a rigorous employment process; we carefully select technicians with a minimum of 5 years experience, who have had a proven background in the industry. All of our team has under gone the following processes: 

  • In house technical training
  • CRB check
  • Safety passport training

We offer on going support to our team with includes:

  • On-going training with clients and our equipment
  • Health and safety training and consultation on new legislation
  • Regular Assessment of aptitude and ability
  • Regular on-site checks and assessments by management